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About us

We founded Bigbux to bring a professional experience to the cryptocurrency market. Our heritage in London’s financial markets gives us the experience to deliver that professionalism and the knowledge to build a platform ready for tomorrow.

We’re building a service which is beautiful, effective, professional and safe. It’s an experience our customers want to use, rather than a service they endure as the cost of doing business. We apply ‘a little bit of London’ to everything we do, tapping into our vast knowledge and experience from the hub of the financial industry.

High frequency trading is identified as those firms with high volume, low intraday inventory, and low overnight inventory and that is exactly what we are. When we created this platform we eyed on trading in the cryptoworld because of its insane potential. We finished the algorithms and now all we need are reliable investors that are prepared to invest. From the money you provide, we get a small percentage and all the rest of the profit goes directly back into your pocket. A lot of investors means a lot of small profits combined which we in our turn can use to even more improve our system.

We are happy to welcome you to the world of Bigbux.

-CEO Aine Chandler